C Language Course


If you are new to programming, building up a strong foundation in programming is a must. C Language can be introduced as a good programming language to start learning programming. Here with the help of this course we try our best to explain you each and every concepts very clear in Sinhala and also we love to share with you guys some tips which our instructor learned from his past experiences. After finishing this course we can guarantee that you would have a solid foundation in programming.

Course Content

1. Course introduction
2. Setting up the environment
3. Introduction to programming
4. First c program
5. Comments and escape sequences
6. Challenge
1. Variables
2. Naming variables - practice
3. Data types
4. Storing values in to variables
5. Practice session
6. C formatted input and output
7. Scanf for reading data
8. Challenge
1. Operators - overview
2. Arithmetic operators
3. Operator precedence and associativity
4. Equality and relational operators
5. Challenge
1. Control flow overview
2. If statement
3. If...else statement
4. Conditional operator
5. Nested if else
6. Type casting in c
7. If... else if ladder
8. Assignment operator
9. Incremental and decrement operator
10. Challenge
1. Switch - multiple selection statement
2. Logical operators
3. Practice session
4. More on char data type
5. Challenge
1. Repetition structures - overview
2. While loop
3. Sentinel controlled repetition
4. Counter controlled repetition with for loop
5. Do while
6. Break and continue
7. Nested iteration
8. Challenge
1. Functions introduction
2. Library functions
3. Data types
4. Programmer defined functions
5. Arguments and parameters
6. Returning data from a function
7. Recursive functions
8. Challenge
1. Introduction to arrays
2. Display and store values into arrays
3. Practice. Session
4. Storing strings in character array
5. Multi dimensional array
6. Challenge
1. Overview of file handling
2. Creating and writing to a file
3. File opening modes
4. Reading from a sequential file
5. Reading multiple records
6. Challenge
1. Structures - introduction
2. Declaring structures
3. Accessing members
4. Typedef
5. Array of structures
6. Nested structures
7. Union
8. Challenge
1. Pointers - overview
2. Pointer operations
3. Pointer and functions
4. SizeOf operator
5. Memory allocation
6. Challenge

Bonus Part

12. Develop small project from scratch

About Instructor

Lahiru Kahawatta

S. Lahiru Nuwan Undergraduate at SLIIT faculty of computing

He is an undergraduate student at SLIIT and doing his specialization in data science. Also he has been able to be in the deen's list of the university up to now. His Ability of explaining concepts to others is derived with the help of teaching to his colleagues while in the university. Currently he works as an intern software engineer at Pearson Lanka pvt Ltd.