Java Course


We use language to communicate with each other. But the computer is not able to recognize those languages. Therefore computer languages ​​are required for that. Java is one of the leading programming languages. This course also gives you the opportunity to learn simple Sinhala from Java OOP concepts.

Course Content

1. Introduction about course and java history
2. Java environment setup & basic syntax
3. Install NetBeans & create a hello world application
4. Working with Java object, classes & constructors
5. Identifying the datatypes, variable types, arrays, date & time
6. Java modifiers
7. Uses of the basic operators
8. Flow controls in Java (if, while, switch, for, break, continue)
9. Uses of the regular expressions
10. Java methods & exceptions handling
11. Java files & uses of I/O package
12. Inner classes & interfaces in Java
13. Java inheritance & overriding
14. Java polymorphism & abstraction
15. Practical uses of Java encapsulation
16. Collection framework in Java
17. Generics & serialization in Java
18. Uses of Java multithreading
19. Best practices in Java development & final project

Bonus Part

20. Identifying the swing components & create a swing application

About Lecturer

Lahiru Kahawatta

Lahiru Kahawatta MSc(Info.Sec.) BSc(SEng.)

He holds an Honors Degree in Software Engineering from IIC University of Technology, Cambodia and a Postgraduate Degree in Information Security from Asia e University, Malaysia. He currently teaches as a lecturer at several institutes and is the owner of New Release Biz Holdings, an IT services provider.