Android Course


With the new technology, many people are tempted to use smart mobile devices. Android is the OS that powers most of those devices. Many people today are interested in learning how to create this apps because of the ability to make money through Android apps. Join us and you will not be limited to money, you will be able to get the perfect knowledge to create your own Android app through this course from the beginning simply in Sinhala.

Course Content

1. Introduction about course and android history
2. Java environment & android studio setup
3. Install emulator with latest android OS
4. Identifying the android architecture & application components
5. Android project structure
6. Hello world sample project example
7. Handling the UI layouts
8. Applying Styles & themes
9. Uses of UI controls
10. Custom component development
11. Event listeners & event handlers
12. Gestures practical implementation
13. Activities & fragments
14. Uses of Intent and filters
15. Make an animation
16. Uses of alert dialogs
17. Create custom notifications
18. Uses of Shared preferences
19. Uses of SQLite database
20. Spinner & List view with Shared preferences
21. Create custom list view with custom adaptor
22. Make an image slider
23. Best practices in android development
24. Final project
25. Published app on play store

Bonus Part

26. Connecting with Admob to make money from the app

About Lecturer

Lahiru Kahawatta

Lahiru Kahawatta MSc(Info.Sec.) BSc(SEng.)

He holds an Honors Degree in Software Engineering from IIC University of Technology, Cambodia and a Postgraduate Degree in Information Security from Asia e University, Malaysia. He currently teaches as a lecturer at several institutes and is the owner of New Release Biz Holdings, an IT services provider.